Sunday, June 12, 2016

Colorado Dreamin

Most of you know that I love Colorado. I think it is one of the most beautiful places on earth and to be honest would not have an issue if it were the only place I was able to ride. We come back often on the bike. You can see the pics and read about our previous journeys. Colorado 2015  -  Colorado 550 tour -  Colorado With Pete & Kim.

Today we awoke to some cooler temps and the smell of anticipation in the air. We ate breakfast at the hotel and was loaded up and on the road by 8am. We split up into two groups. Rex and his group would do the same route but would be 30 minutes behind our group. We jumped on I-25 for a quick jaunt down to CO 12 the famous Highway of legends. This is a great road with many twists and turns and scenery that wets the appetite for our journey.  

Unfortunately the day did not start off without incident. About an hour into the ride, we decided to stop at the lake lookout and let the rest of the group catch back up. We waited for a good 15 minutes and then we started to get that sinking feeling that something had happened or a bike had broken down. We started to make some calls to the other group. We finally got the news we were hoping not to get. It happens that earlier on the ride, we had passed a few cows that were outside of the fence. It looked like the fence had been damaged, maybe due to a car running off the side of the road. We found out that our tail gunner had a calf run out onto the road, causing him to take action. He lost control of the bike and went down. Our worst fears had been confirmed. Rick would be taken to Trinidad hospital and then airlifted to Pueblo for further tests. The end result was a couple of broken collar bones, a broken shoulder blade and to top it off a few broken ribs. The group decided that Rick would want the trip to go on. We loaded back on and took off for Gunnison. Rick got back home with some help of friends and is on the way to getting back to good health. 

The highways of Legends is always a great ride. We saw some of the other guys as we passed by Stonewall. This trip would have many instances where the group would leap frog each other on the way to the evenings stops. 

We jumped on CO 69 to get up to US 50. We did the cool ride over Monarch Pass with a quick cool stop at the summit. It seems that every time Jamie and I ride over this pass the weather is always bad. Today was not bad. It was cold but no wind and snow, so it was not a bad ride at all. We followed US 50 down into Gunnsion. We stayed at the Econo lodge. This hotel is fairly priced and clean. a great combo for a place to stay. 

We all arrived with an hour of each other. Jamie and I headed into town to have a beverage at our favorite coffee place The Bean. We love this little coffee house. Jamie and I played cribbage for a couple of hours, enjoying the cool mountain air. Dinner was scheduled at the Twisted Fork for 7pm. It was such a great afternoon. I won at cards and that is always a good thing. Jamie loves the fact that I bring this up all of the time. 

Jamie and I started over to the Twisted Fork to make sure that things were all set up. We love the food. I had called a couple of weeks ago, but it seems that no one knew we were coming. We had requested to sit outside on the patio, but when we arrived there was some apprehension about placing the group outside. We sat inside and had a very nice meal. There were a couple of orders lost in the kitchen, so not all of us ate at the same time. The service was not very good but the food lived up to its billing. It was very good and everyone seemed to enjoy the meal. 

The trip had started out roughly. Our thoughts were with Rick and how he was doing. Tomorrow was a new day and a fresh start. As always Jamie and I loved our stay in Gunnison. It is still one of our favorite places. 

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