Monday, November 28, 2005

A Hill Country Thanksgiving.

Trip: Hill Country
MIles: 912
Roads: Awesome

Weather: Great!
Football: Go Broncos!

The weekend started with a bang as we had tickets to the Cowboy - Bronco Game on Turkey Day. As most of you know, I am a huge Bronco fan and I have never liked the Cowboys so the day was great! The best team won and I got to see my first game in Cowboy stadium.

We got home after the game and I went out to the garage to check the air pressure on the Connie and set up the bike for a weekend of spirited two up riding. Well my rear tire needed a couple of pounds of air, so I broke out the handy Air Compressor to take care of the job. I put air in the tire and then took the compressor off the valve stem, but something was wrong, the air kept coming out, not a little but rushing out. yes the valve stem was jacked and we were supposed to be on the road at 8:30 on Friday morning. I called Rob S who was going with us, he was not too disappointed in me canceling as he was worried about the weather forcast. Well after speaking with my wonderful wife, I called Pete R and asked if he could come over around 8:30 on Friday. I would get up, get the trailer out and set up, so he could help me load the Connie up for the shop. Plano Suzuki - Kawasaki is right down the street and they opened at 9AM. The next morning I got up and got things moving, Pete helped me load the bike up and we were off. Well things are looking up. The guy at the shop goes, pulls the broken inside of the valve stem out, puts in another one and we were in business. $20 later and the bike was ready to go. I have to give the guys at Plano Suzuki - Kawasaki a big heads up! They were great!
Jamie was home getting the last minute things packed and we were on the road at 11:00AM only 2.5 hours later than planned. It was overcast, but nice as we could wear our gear and be comfortable. Jamie had on her new widder vest so she was extra toasty.

The weather was fantastic. We headed out of town and stayed on 75 until we reached Waco, we shot across 84 and then went south on 281 as we got to Evant. We took 281 all the way down until we reached Johnson City. It was not a bad route and the weather was awesome. (did you hear that Rob ?) We went west on 291 to Fredricksburg. We ate dinner at Peggy Sues on the out skirts of town and we would not recommend this place to anyone. Bad food, slow service and it was over priced. We rolled into Kerrville around 7:45PM and checked in at the YO Resort.

We got unpacked headed to the spa and enjoyed the hot tub. This was a great day of riding, even if the start was a little off.

Early Saturday morning sometime around 3:00AM, I looked outside and it was raining cats and dogs. It was raining as hard as I have seen in a while. I told Jamie we might as well sleep in and see what the morning brings. We awoke around 9:15AM, to sunny skies and the ground was already starting to dry . We met up with some other motorcycle people who were staying next to us and they gave us a route that would be good to start off with while getting us to 335 -337 later in the day when the roads would be at their best.

We headed out to FM1340 when we came across Stonehenge II, I had heard about it but did not know where it was located. We pulled in behind 30-40 people loading up their Harleys and getting ready to hit the road. Jamie and I took some photos.

Then headed out to 41. This was not a great drive as it was like most of Texas.. flat and uneventful.. But hey it got us to 335. I had heard the 3's were fun roads and we were not disappointed. We had a great time. The riding was brisk and the curves were a plenty. It was a wonderful day of riding. We did not do 336 as some of the guys around the hotel were saying that it was really sandy and was not in the best shape after a hard rain. 337 was great as well, we were really surprised on 16 leaving Medina going back to Kerrville. The roads were not marked and their were some serious switchbacks to contend with. I was glad I was being careful. It was my first time on these roads and I wanted to see some of the scenery. Jamie took some great pictures form the passenger seat, our little camera did well on some of those action shots.

We got back to the hotel, washed up and headed to Fredricksburg to do some looking around they were having their holiday festival so the town was busy with people. It was a another great day of riding. We got back to the room around 8 and finished with another round in the hot tub. I do have to say that weekends like this are the reason I ride a motorcycle. I love getting away, exploring new places and doing it on the freedom of a motorcycle. My father passed away years ago, but the one thing I always will thank him for is his love for me and his love for motorcycles.. Sorry everyone, I was feeling a little sappy there. I just love riding and I love the fact that my wife likes riding as well. It makes for some wonderful memories ..

We got up on Sunday around 8, took our time packing and headed off to Llano and BBQ at Coopers. We had heard it was some of the best in Texas. WOW!! we got there at 10:45 and it was already busy, by the time we left at 11:45 there was a line wrapped around the building. The food was great and the entire set up was awesome. We ate too much and then headed home. We took 16 as far as we could then shot across and came into Dallas. The word of the day was WIND! There were times, where I thought we were going to have to pull over. Jamie was a trooper. We got home by 5. It was a wonderful weekend. I want to make sure that Pete knows that this would not have happened without his early morning help on Friday, for that we thank you and owe you a beer.

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