Wednesday, February 02, 2005

This is a great ride report: [ LINK ]

I'm happy to share with you what was the trip of a lifetime for me, my "13,000-miles-in-30-days" journey last August. This trip evolved from a dream I've had since highschool. Yet although my parents gave me a great deal of freedom as a teenager, cycles were not a factor in their equation of life. Once I had reached the age where I could buy my own, I had lost 1 friend and saw another seriously injured to accidents, which put a damper on my dream for years to come. At age 45, I started to think differently about it, and have had one serious accident myself that I walked away from with no ability to understand or explain why. If that didn't make me quit, nothing will. I'm glad I followed my dream, and plan to live it for as long as I can ride.

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