Sunday, April 17, 2016

East Texas with the Lone Star Riders

Jamie and I got to spend another great weekend on the bike, as we attended the Lone Star Riders East Texas Event. We all met at the Tiger Mart Denny's for a quick breakfast. We broke up into two small groups. We meandered our way through some eat Texas FM roads before stopping for lunch at the Dogwood Diner in Palestine Texas. The weather was over cast but we stayed dry and it was a great morning to ride. It was fun getting out on the bike and having some fun with old friends. 

We made it into Nacogdoches around 3pm. It left plenty of time for us to get settled in before dinner. We stayed at the Pine Creek Country Inn just like last year. The food is incredible and the hospitality is second to none. The rooms are clean and the property is very nice and secluded. 

This trip is all about the social aspect of riding. It is a great trip to relax and enjoy spending times with good friends. Saturday we did a short 150 mile loop ending with a great lunch at Clear Springs in Nacogdoches. The onion rings are amazing! Jamie and I took off from the group and did some afternoon exploring. It was a fantastic day!

Dinner was very good and the Country Inn had a music guest on this Saturday night. Jamie and I drank some wine, listened to some music and enjoyed a great night relaxing and enjoying East Texas.

We took off early Sunday morning. It was not looking good. Rain was in the forecast and we knew we would be getting wet before we arrived into the drive way. Mother nature did not disappoint. It rained like hell from Kaufman Texas all the way home. It was the scary type of rain and the type I would prefer not to ride in again, anytime in the near future. The weekend was fantastic and it was just what the doctored ordered. A nice getaway with good friends. Can't wait to do it again next year. 

See all of the pictures here. Till next time - Let's Ride!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Queen Wilhelmina Camping

Jamie and I had set a goal this year to do more camping on the motorcycle in 2016. We retired our 10 year old REI half dome tent and bought a new larger Kelty tent. The Half dome was an awesome tent and we hope that this tent will give us another 10 years of memories. We decided to get the Kelty Discovery 4 tent. It is designed for 4 people where our half dome tent was designed for only 2. The size and weight are almost the same so we are excited to have more room. 

We posted a quick over night trip on Facebook and instagram to see if anyone wanted to join us a on a quick trip to the Queen Wilhelmina State Park. The lodge is newly renovated and it afforded us a place to eat that was near by the camp sites. The bathrooms and showers are also very good. It is a nice place to get away. 

Fred, Randy and Rob joined us. It was a good sized group. We started the journey by meeting up at the local Starbucks on Saturday morning. The gang all showed up around 7:30. We enjoyed our coffee and even got to meet a couple that also rode and enjoyed traveling. I can't remember their names, but did give them the address to the blog, so hopefully they check it out and post a comment. Jamie and I thought they were very interesting and would be fun to hang out with. I love this about the motorcycle. People are always friendly and wanting to chat about the journeys. 

We headed out and the weather could not have been better. it was a little chilly, but the sun came out and the day was beautiful. We took the long way to the camp site including a nice ride down the Talimena Scenic Parkway. The road on the Oklahoma side is not very good but Arkansas saves the day as usual. We arrived around 1:30. We set up camp and then headed to the lodge for a nice lunch. The camping at the lodge is good and the area is very nice. 

Jamie and I went for a little ride after lunch. We went into Mena as we had to get another air mattress as we forgot one. We also rode around looking to find some wine. We were out of luck in the wine department. We have to remember that some of Arkansas is very very dry. 

We had dinner at the lodge and watched a few minutes of the March Madness games. We then set out for camp as Fred was building an excellent fire. The wind was blowing, so we did not stay out as long as we wanted. The night was good. It was windy, but the temps only dropped to the mid 40's so it was nice sleeping weather. 

We got up early on Easter morning. The sun was out, the wind was clam and it was a great morning. This changed quickly. We knew some weather was approaching so we wanted to make sure to break camp before it arrived. We went down for breakfast. We watched as the front moved in, the wind started to blow hard and the temperatures dropped a good 20 degrees. 

We got off the hill just in time. It was warmer in Mena and it was a very ride into Idabel Ok. We stopped and had dinner at the Catfish King. It has always been a favorite of ours. As always the fish was good and the conversation even better. 

Jamie and I got home around 4pm. We logged 550 miles and enjoyed our weekend of camping. Now we just need to plan a longer trip. We sure love the moto camping thing. Let's Ride! - Click here to see all of the pictures. 

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Grand Circle Tour is set! Let's Ride

I am really looking forward to our big motorcycle journey this summer. Jamie and I are leading a group from the Lone Star Riders to the great states of Colorado and Utah. We have not ridden in Utah so this will be a first for us. We are so excited. It looks like we have the 10 rooms I had reserved in all of the locations booked and there is a waiting list at this time. Stay tuned as I will post if rooms become available. Keep an eye on the website for more details. It is going to be an awesome trip. 

Grand Circle Tour