Monday, June 12, 2017

Riding the Dragon!

We decided to ride the Dragon on a Monday, hoping we would miss the large crowds. It sounds like that was a good plan. Talking with some of the regulars up there. Saturday was a zoo and Sunday was not much better. It was a good choice to do this at the start of the week. We had breakfast at the Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort. It was tasty. It was also a great way to soak in all of the bikes, the smells and the sounds of the Dragon. Hearing bikes scream out of the resort and up the hill in intoxicating. We picked up our dragon stickers and then headed over to the Tail Of The Dragon. That is also a nice little store and it also is the home of Killboy. We picked up a couple of shirts and then decided it was time to ride the Dragon. If you have not ridden the Dragon, you really should find a way to do it at least once. There are so many better roads in the area, but the experience of the Dragon is unique and very cool. It is amazing how many people from outside the USA come and visit every year. Just be careful and ride your own ride and things will be fine. 

We went by Fontana dam and just rode around the area for the day. It was a good day of riding. 

Sunday, June 11, 2017

TWO and Cherohala. Let's Ride!

We woke up without the alarm clock. The birds singing and the sunlight creeping into the tent was our wake up on this beautiful Sunday. We were going to take a ride down to Suches GA and have some lunch at the Two Wheels Only Campground. The route included TN 68 and it was an amazing way to start the riding day. Plenty of great curves, awesome views and fantastic pavement. It was a great way to start our day. But first off, we started by eating breakfast at the Town Square Cafe & Bakery. The food was decent, a little greasy for our liking but not bad. The owner was very friendly and it was not a bad experience. 

We took off out of Tellico Plains and headed down 68. So many curves and such a great route. We got the Two Wheels Only around 11am. They were hosting 150 adventure bikes so the place was buzzing with activity. Jamie and I had a snack and hung out for a hour of so. We enjoyed all of the motorcycle talk and getting to see all of the bikes coming and going. It is one of my favorite places. They have updated the facility since our last visit. This is a good thing. Next time we will need to camp here and enjoy more of the area. 

We took off from TWO and headed down to the first right we hit. This is the famous wolf pen gap road. It has plenty of curves with some awesome scenery thrown in. We headed up to Robbinsville. We wanted to do some of Wayah road before heading over the Cherohala packway to the camp site. We stopped at the Hub in Robbinsville NC. It was a cool place and not a bad stop along the route. 

After lunch we headed back to Tellico Plains over one of my favorite roads from this area. I love the Cherohala and we rode it a number of times over the next 5 days. I will let some of the pictures try and show you all the fun and beauty of this road. It is a wonderful stretch of roadway. 

We will have plenty of more pictures from the Cherohala later in this ride report. We made it back to the campsite around 3pm. We got comfortable and then took the top off the jeep and hit the road. Our destination was bald River Falls. We actually got to drive some forest roads while enjoying the cooler temps. It is one of the reasons we bought our Jeep and it did not disappoint. 

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Tennessee here we come!

The day started off early as we had almost 650 miles to cover to get to our home for the week. It was a beautiful morning when we left Little Rock. We stopped at Starbucks to get us started. We had a long day ahead of us, we were both very excited. 

We had a good drive, just doing the highway and seeing different parts of this great country. We saw some cool images. I think all motorcycles need a custom trailer. Check out some of the pictures from our drive. 

We had a fantastic meal at the Rail Yard in in Decatur AL. The food was really good and the restaurant was attractive.A nice little surprise from the long drive.

We arrived at our camp site around 6:30PM. The place was packed, but we found a great little spot. It was under a couple of trees. We set up camp and got to enjoy the cool evening. We sat at the fire with some of the couples that were there camping. It was a gathering of riders from motorcycle camping group of facebook. It was a great evening. Its always fun talking motorcycles with new friends. 

I would be remiss if I did not mention our choice of campgrounds. Hunts Motorcycle Lodge and Campground. It was a great place to stay and i will dedicate an entire post to the campsite. So stay tuned.